Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Preoccupation with the Concerned Nazarenes

Day after day, week after week I find myself visiting the Reformed Nazarene blog and reconsidering the issues surrounding the Concerned Nazarenes.  For several weeks in a row now I have crafting blogs in response to some of the concerns, then deleting them.  I have updated my Facebook Status with questions, tweeted thoughts, and responded to comments about the issue.  The truth of the matter is that I am wrestling with myself on this issue. 

I think I must perceive Manny Silva as a "loud" voice (as in, people hear what he says).

My interest in the subject comes from my strong convictions that Christ (not the Bible) is the center of Christian theology and faith and that the Scripture is a soteriological work giving testimony to Christ as the full revelation of God and God's love in and for creation.  Sometimes these convictions bring me to the place where I feel that Reformed theologies are contrary to the Gospel message itself.

The reason why I don't just write a blog about the whole situation is that the moment that I am about to hit "publish" I remember that those in the Reformed tradition are my brothers and sisters in Christ.  We are one (Ephesians 4:1-6).  To set out to totally deconstruct the theological views of these brothers and sisters (whether that's possible or not) is also contrary to the message of the Gospel.  I cannot do that. I must admit that I even edited this blog after posting it because it said what I did not really mean and what I should not really say.

So here I am - living in the midst of this tension.


  1. Good thoughts. A couple points...first off, while a lot of the people Manny likes to quote, recommend, and general give the ok to as not being "heretics" happen to be reformed in their theology (i.e. Al Mohler, John MacArthur), to be fair, he has made it clear several times that it is not his aim to promote reformed theology, but the "reformed" title has to do with a more literal meaning of reforming his thinking. A big line you will hear in that crowd from the more fundamentalist mindset is that they are not reformed or Wesleyan, but rather "Biblical Christians". I think you live in a good tension. Those from differing faith traditions will always eventually find those pesky points of theology of which they disagree, sometimes strongly. We can only go back to Jesus. Though it is true, I believe that 5 point Calvinism will always lead to God being the author of sin if you take it to its logical conclusion, I know that Calvinists still believe and preach Christ and that is all I need to consider them brothers and sisters in Christ. (with tension of course) Same thing with those who identify as "Concerned". No matter what they may or may not think of me, I still must consider them brothers and sisters in Christ. (with A LOT of tension.)

  2. I agree. I find myself going to their blog everyday to see if something new has been added. Its like watching a train wreck of logic and everything I disagree with. Yet, I still think they are Christians and can understand where they come from. I wish they felt the same way about we who disagree with them. (I actually wonder how many people like me visit and they interpret this as numbers in support. Oh well)
    Also, I do think that the blogosphere is not the best place to have these discussions. Its best face-to-face.


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