Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Lesson From Thomas Jay Oord's Facebook

Thomas Jay Oord posted a status update that could not be more timely for my life or the life of our denomination. Unfortunately the comments that followed made it one of the most ironic facebook posts that I have seen in quite a time.

Thomas Jay Oord: The word "inerrancy" directs our attention to the small inconsistencies in the Bible rather than to the salvation truths of its proclamation. Christians need a better word to do justice to this principal source of revelation. 55 Comments.

If you read the 55 comments that followed this revealing post, you will see a whole bunch of arguments and discussion about what "inerrancy" means. I must confess that, although I did not mean it, I added to the discussion on the word itself. In light of my recent conversations with Nyk and others about inerrancy, this was a good reminder.

Whether you are the most conservative interpreter of Scripture or the most liberal (within the bounds of the Creeds on both accounts of course), there are certain elements that are still true. The Bible both is and contains the Good News about Jesus Christ. There is a wonderful story of hope of a life set free from the tyranny of sin and the things that control us. It's a love story about a God who created us, pursued us, redeemed us, and is sanctifying us.

St. Anselm said that theology is faith seeking understanding, which is a credo of my spiritual development. However, as much as I like to talk about the authority of Scripture, I cannot do so at the cost of proclaiming the Good News.

Perhaps I need to stop trying to propagate my understanding of the inerrancy of Scripture and start telling more people the Good News!

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  1. Good stuff, Keith! Have you read the little book I recently co-wrote, The Best News You Will Ever Hear? It's an evangelism/kingdom book that places the good news of God's love front and center. I recommend it to you!



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