Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Waiting on the Lord

As I wrote the title of this blog about waiting on God, I realized that any of you who frequent my blog have also been waiting on me for the last month. I'm sorry about that. I am afraid that I have been busy waiting on the Lord.

Having some idea of what changes our life would be going through at the arrival of Cosette in June, my wife and I began praying about our job/financial situation back in January or February of this year. It is now nearly September and our job situation is essentially unchanged since Allison quit at Caribou Coffee to have the baby.

Now, I am writing this not because I want your advice about my specific situation. Primarily, this blog has not functioned as a personal diary or a place for me to seek advice from loving and well-meaning friends and strangers. I am writing this for another reason:

I want to hear about times when You have had to wait on the Lord. What's the longest you have had to wait? How do you discern God's will? What are some hindrances you have found to hearing God's direction?

Now, it's true that Allison and I are facing some difficult times these days. But God has blessed us and sanctified us through this process. So again I say: I am not seeking advice about my particular situation. Instead, I want to hear you share your experiences of waiting on God. Perhaps these testimonies will help or encourage someone else in a similar situation.

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  1. Hey Keith, just happened to stumble upon your blog via Facebook. This post resonates with us (Billy and I) right now as we, too, are waiting on the Lord. Billy has been looking for a police job for over 3 years now...and we're still waiting. We've had to put our lives (i.e. buying a house, planning vacations, entering graduate school) on hold as we wait to see where the Lord is going to place us.

    At times, in my impatience, I've become frustrated with God. I can't figure out why He's not opening doors when we're trying our hardest to follow His will. I'm slowly learning to become content where God has us right now, at this moment. Perhaps He's trying to teach us a lesson in the waiting? I've been so focused on where the Lord wants us and where we're going to go, that I've almost forgotten about the journey.

    Ultimately, if and when God does decides to bless Billy with a job, we want the Lord to be proud of our faith and perseverence. We don't want to waste this time we have and just lable it as "waiting." We want to grow, develop, learn, and be productive servants.

    So like you said, I really don't have any advice except that you're not alone. God is faithful and He will provide. Always.

    Take care,


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