Friday, April 9, 2010

Ugly Betty and Homosexuality

ABC airs a show on Wednesday nights called Ugly Betty starring America Ferrera. Betty Suarez, the central character played by Ferrera, works at a fashion magazine. The show, although focused on her life, also includes many other characters including Betty's co-workers and family. Overall, this show is pretty funny. The characters are likable and the scenes are laughable. I am surprised, however, that this show has not received more media coverage with its more recent episodes.

Homosexuality is conveyed in this show as not only an acceptable lifestyle choice, but a positive one. Even Betty's sister (Justin's mother) is excited that Justin has his first boyfriend.

Perhaps I will post more about homosexuality in general in the coming days. But first, what is your reaction to this?


  1. Personally I have to say God gives us freedom of choice...but i also have to say it's just a tv show...and i feel gay people are born that way. who in their right mind would CHOOSE that lifestyle.??

  2. When I was a teen, my folks were outraged by Three's Company. More for cohabitation than for Jack pretending to be gay in front of the Roper's. It was off limits for years. I think a lot of parents banned that show, I didn't have many friends who were allowed to watch it. Then gradually a new norm set in... I wish tv were so tame today!

    I'm shocked by homosexual display. I know it exists, but I hate being exposed to it. When my kids were little, we banned certain cartoons because of their homosexual message. It seems to me that there is a homosexual agenda to reprogram society's opinion of that choice in behavior. The message starts early, it reaches the kids much sooner than Ugly Betty. I'd reckon that by the time a teen is old enough to want to watch Ugly Betty... there is nothing shocking about homosexuality at all. It's their new norm.

    So what's a Christian to do? Do we cast stones at homosexuality? Or do we share what God has to say about sex? The first time I heard a Christian sex sermon, I was shocked to know that God designed sex to be good. The thought hadn't crossed my mind that God had a plan, I could follow the plan, and that God's plan might be superior to the Playboy plan! I wish the topic weren't so uncomfortable, we should talk about it more often. I think a lot of people would be spared from homosexuality and other sexual perversions if they were better informed.


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