Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Christian Nation

"The United States is a Christian Nation." "Christians should be the best citizens in the country." "We need to do a bigger celebration for the 4th of July in our worship service."

How do these statements (or statements like these) make you feel?

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  1. A comment such as these used to make me irritated. I still believe that in some ways following Jesus will make us into a better citizen but the goal of the faith is not to make nationalists. In fact, our faith will require us to proclaim the need for governments to better serve the people (not a particular faith). In many ways being a Christian should force us to live in a broader identity than that of a single-nation-state-of-mind. Jesus wanted his disciples to have in mind the things of God, not man. And as to where Christianity meets nationalism, I don't believe anymore that this is an easy relationship.
    The theocracy is riddled with as many, though different, problems as a democracy or any other form of government and so retrenching toward Constantinianism would be a mistake since it only complicates this relationship. Either way, the working out of how our faith impacts how we interact with our government is everything. It is messy and complicated and God desires that we wrestle with these issues even if we never draw a conclusion or come to resolution. The tension between Christ and the rest of the world will always by fraught with tension and that is, as John Trotter says, a good thing.

    By the way, I recently spotted a photograph of a cross, over the arms of which the photographer draped two American flags. It was so blatant I laughed out loud. Our faith calls us to something so much deeper and rewarding than this.


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