Monday, July 20, 2009

A Defining Question

A Church Without Walls?

If you were to hear this description of your church, what would it mean? How would it be in relationship to the missio Dei (Mission of God) to reconcile the world to himself? What is the church and how might a journey towards a definition be helpful?


  1. I always veiwed our church as something bigger than the bricks, windows, and the roof. I always thought of it as something that was more than the people who came every week and the activities that we did. Our church to me is something that is always there, no matter where I go.

  2. Hey Keith, thanks for stopping by my blog. In returning the favor, I thought I might also weigh in on this question you've posed.

    Although I have by no means arrived at this conclusion easily, it seems to me that the simplest answer to the question, "What is the Church?" is that the Church is the whole of the disciples of Christ/"the community of saints," if we want to use credal language. So naturally the Church is "a Church without walls." When we struggle to see this plain truth we only evidence how little of our own identity we've discovered.

    Love your guys' blog!


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