Tuesday, June 23, 2009

surprised by surprise

I'm going to be brutally honest right now: sometimes I just don't feel like Christians exist outside of my world. I mean, I know other people who follow Christ, I know that those people have friends who follow Christ, but do I honestly believe that any exist beyond that? I find myself assuming that everyone I meet (who is not my friend/friend of my friend)could not possibly believe.

could not possibly believe this crazy idea that I follow.

would not be so silly as to buy into a Christian worldview.

I understand why I am a Christian, but I cannot understand why someone else would be. I suffer from a fundamental doubt that someone outside of my world could/would/already could/would believe in the outrageous concept that God exits, or that Love (of God and Neighbor) is the only thing that matters, or that by serving we actually overcome.

So I'm completely, jawdroppingly, flabberghastingly surprised when I come down to Atlanta, Georgia for teacher job training, and immediately I meet 30 people who have similar/the same belief in Christ that I have.

Why am i surprised?


  1. Not sure about the suprise but there is a MAJOR difference between southern and northern social standards. Down here (alabama) we always joke that when people meet you the first think they ask is what church you go to! That would never happen in Illinois where I grew up!

    Christianity is cultural in the south.

    Not sure if that is better or worse just different.

  2. That's a really interesting shift, but I should clarify that these 30+ people are from all over America, and they are visibly living their faith.


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