Tuesday, April 21, 2009

God Bless America

Overall, USA is a very patriotic country. With the exception of some small groups of people, we are proud of our country. Freedom, liberty, democracy, capitalism --we love these things! Although it's hard to see today, we often talk about America being a Christian country, founded on Christian values.
Often we think about how America could be better. We want to protect our borders, only fight our own battles, and grow our economy.

Have you ever thought that we maybe we are getting the United States of America confused for the Kingdom of God? Do we think that as USA gets better, the Kingdom of God will come?

The body of Christ, the universal church is a global thing. Hebrews 11 talks about how we are not of this world, but strangers here. Should we be patriotic at all? If so, to what extent? Where should we give our allegience?

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  1. I should probably preface this comment with the fact that I don't consider myself American, despite having US citizenship. I think it's easy to forget that God and nature didn't draw borders that made Italy look like a boot. In the Old testemant God did not create countries, but nations (a group of people sharing similar cultural heritage). But our heritage, from all the way back to Abraham, was a nomadic one. Christians have always been called to leave. The concept of us settling and becoming part of a country didn't come around until a long time after Christ.

    I would not die for the US, but I would die for any stranger in need. I would not fight for the US, but I would protect and bring justice to the downtrodden.

    My perception: no, patriotism has no place in my life.


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