Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Good Pride vs. Bad Pride?

So Paul writes in several places in the New Testament that the only thing that one should boast about is Christ. In II Corinthians 5 he sort of takes it a little further and says (well, what he does say some think implies this) that one can protect his reputation in so far as it protects the unity of the Church.

What does it mean to boast in Christ? "My savior rose from the dead and yours didn't!"? I realize that I'm being a bit sarcastic, but how should we understand this?

If something exciting happens in our lives, how should we react? A promotion, pay raise, new house, baby, job, an award, ect. How should we act when we receive such blessings? Also, as a community how should we act when one of our brothers or sisters have been honored in such a way?

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  1. We have to thank God for all the benefits that are given to us. Like a pay raise or new house. He provided us with the extra money to buy the house and I think it is His way of thanking us for loving Him.
    A good way to boast in Him is to spend that money helping a family or paying it back to the church.


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