Monday, March 23, 2009

Christian Disappointment

What should Christians do with disappointment?

Should Christians have disappointment?

Is there good disappointment and bad?


  1. Of course we can be disappointed. Jesus was disappointed in the disciples when He asked them to stay awake while He prayed.

    Just like anger I do believe there is a good and bad disappointment. Maybe righteous disappointment would be better. Aching or being sad for friends who don't know Jesus. Christian friends who are making bad decisions. Being right with our disappointment/anger is what matters.

  2. Good example with Jesus!

    What about disappointment with ourselves?

  3. Hmm... What do I think. I've been disappointed many times. Sure, I think I can be disappointed with myself. I can't think of any Bible scripture to back myself up. I just think you have to have the right attitude about your disappointments. Again, no example. =)

  4. As one who suffers with bouts of low self esteem let me simply say this:
    Sometimes I'm simply unable to lift myself out of disapointment (exterior and interior), and it's precisely those moments when I need people the most.
    When perseverance isn't enough I call my mom and ask her about what a could third baseman I was in second grade, or I dress extra nice (in hopes that someone will comment on my nice shoes).
    As shallow as it may seem, sometimes I think we need to be reminded about the good aspect of ourselves.
    So, I suppose I need to keep in mind that this works both ways, so I shouldn't hesitate to compliment others (just in case they're experiencing a bout with disappointment).

  5. Ainsley StebbinsApril 2, 2009 at 5:32 PM

    True. A lot of my friends get disappointed easily or upset easily. I probably should uplift them more. It would help them a lot.


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