Saturday, February 7, 2009

Church or Community?

This conversation has come up in a variety of settings recently.

We all want to be a part of a community. Even more specifically, as Christians we long to be a part of a community of believers. I long to be a part of a community like the one described in the opening chapters of Acts. Christians coming together in large-group and small-group settings, deeply caring for one another. Seeking God together, asking questions, doubting, answering, loving, serving.

We want to be accepted by a community AND challenged to grow.

Do our churches look like this? Are we in community with our WHOLE church, or just those of similar ages with us?

Sometimes I think that underneath some of the cliques, structures, and traditions a true community actually exists. I have recently seen a community in my church. The people in our church care very deeply for each other. I am not sure that everybody experiences a true, Acts-chapter-two community during our Sunday morning service.

Do our [as in, yours, mine, everyone's] weekly church services and small-groups embody the communities that we are called by Scripture to be? If not, how can we restructure our churches to be the true Body of Christ?

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  1. Why limit it to weekly church services? Shouldn't this community be evident outside of the church building and Sunday morning? Shouldn't these communities involve conversations with non-Christians? Shouldn't theses communities encourage inter-denominational relationship? Is it possible for one of these communities to be established at work/school/neighborhood? I think these communities start with re-thinking our individual roles within society and the world and re-evaluating how we relate to one another.


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