Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Call to Missions

Classes started back up this week at Nazarene Theological Seminary. My class this morning was Theology of Mission. I'm to write a 20-30 page paper on this subject:

The missional "call": Is it Biblical?

What are your initial thoughts? (don't worry, I won't quote you unless you say something uterly inspiring).


  1. YES! We are all in this together, and we all depend on one another, Christian and non-Christian alike. If were were to focus solely on ourselves, our "personal" salvation, and the quality of our own lives... then not only will we fail in our own endeavors, but I believe we would fail in being obedient to Scripture. The missional "call" seems like a part of the essence of God's character (too many verses to list here, but hopefully you will agree with me) and would therefore be an integral part of His Kingdom. If we fail to live out our missional call, however that might manifest itself, He will simply find someone else. I find the specific manifestation of the "mission" to be a little more individualistic and unclear.

  2. Of course the missional call is biblical; Great Commission, etc.

    however, the way that the phrase "called to missions" as it is used today is not completely biblical. It's usually based on the presupposition that one needs to feel "called" to the missions field. But Jesus never said, "when you feel called go to all nations and preach the gospel." He said "go." Has nothing to do with feeling it or not. We're all called. The biggest excuse I hear for not being passionate about missions is "I just don't feel called to missions." To which I usually respond "well, doesnt matter. you are." I think its a big problem, all nations includes our home nation. Just because we arent overseas or in a ministry occupation doesnt mean we aren't to be missionaries.


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