Thursday, January 22, 2009

Video Games and the Pursuit of Holiness

Which statement is more true?

Video games help a person grow closer to God.
Video games help a person grow further away from God.


  1. Unless you're playing Bible Adventures or a similar game on the original Nintendo... I'm pretty sure video games don't, in and of themselves, help you grow closer to God (I'm not even sure Bible Adventures would). However, I wouldn't go as far to say that all video games actively push one away from God either (but I can think of a few that would). Some scenarios that reflect both instances:

    Video games as relationship building leading to Christian communion and or accountability.
    Video games consuming all of an individual's time, energy, and money.
    Video games as a gateway to violence/pornography.
    Video games as a gateway to relate to other gamers.

    And then there's something in the middle that consists of just having a plain old good time.

  2. Thanks for adding to the conversation! Do you have any thoughts on where that middle line should be drawn?

  3. It probably varies from individual to individual. I would say that right now video games are not the most productive way for me to spend my time, but I find myself doing it anyway. They are a good way for me to unwind and regain some energy after a long, hard day of studying... but there are other ways to achieve the same goal while also building character and inducing thought/introspection. For myself, I would consider reading/watching news articles would be more socially productive. I would consider reading for pleasure to be more intellectually and spiritually productive. I would find exercising to be more physically productive. I don't find that playing video games is actively pushing me in the opposite direction though, just not helping me progress forward.

    I also wanted to add that the Wii is changing the way we game.


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